The Scapegoats Of Barack Obama

Politically Short


On Sunday night, President Barack Obama appeared on CBS’ 60 Minutes in order to blame the intelligence community for underestimating the rise of the Islamic State in Syria also known as ISIS.

This comes regardless of the fact that nearly a “dozen adminstration officials have testified to the threat posed by ISIS publicly this year”, writes Joseph Miller, a ranking Department of Defense official and contributor to Daily Caller.

By ignoring military officials, overruling commanding generals and ignoring intelligence briefings the President has chosen to act without concern by conducting limited airstrikes against a growing terrorist army of over 30,000 in both Syria and Iraq.

“The president does not think the mission is worth the cost necessary to complete it; but by pursuing his ends without authorizing the necessary means, he is dooming that mission to failure”, concludes Miller. This is the inevitable result of what happens when our…

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