The Separation of Church and State Myth

The Conservative Patriot

IMG_0361What and where is it in the Constitution of the United States does it say “Separation of Church and State”? No where. Yet, liberals use that phrase as a mantra whenever their cause to remove God from our lives. Be it schools, the military, municipal buildings, etc. I remember a young bright woman named Christine O’Donnell was running for the Senate a few years back. During one of her debates she pointed out that phrase was not in the Constitution. The audience, mainly liberal that day, released an audible sigh of “ohhhhhhhhhh she is so stupid”. She was right. Before I go into their latest attempts to remove religion to the point where you can only worship in church or your home, allow me to clear up the misunderstanding of “Separation of Church and State”. Again, it is not in the Constitution, yet a recent poll showed that 69% think…

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