Poverty in America is rich everywhere else.



I have blogged about this topic before. And I will link back to that article. [I am still looking through my old posts. I didn’t know I had that many.]

But, this focus is a little different than my previous blog post.

In that post, I focused on mere numbers. Simple mathematics. Everyone in the USA is in the top 10% of the world’s wealth. I think that number was actually the top 2% of the entire world.

This post is about a slightly different method of measuring ‘wealth’ and ‘rich.’

Instead of ‘money’ what do someone in ‘poverty’ in the US ‘have.’

From the Heritage Foundation.

I was looking for a different article, and it is difficult to search for real data on American poverty. But, all I found was this article.

So, most of US are shown pictures of starving children. We are told in the…

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