Black Students Force Taco Bell to Close its Dining Room in Afternoon



by Jeff Davis

This is one of those articles where everybody reading it knows damned well who they’re talking about, but no one is willing to so much as whisper the race of the perpetrators. If you search around several news stories, you may find a picture of the miscreants involved.

A CBS news article in San Francisco reports: “A Taco Bell restaurant in Antioch has started closing its dining room in the afternoons after managers say it has become a magnet for high school students after class, and fights have been breaking out.”

I wonder if “high school students” when used in crime articles like this is the latest euphemism for Black youth.

The article notes “‘At school you get suspended or something for that, and if you’re not at school you go to the plaza and fight and get away with it,’ one student said.”

Obviously, we’re talking…

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