Denying The Islamic Ideology Behind Homegrown Jihadists

Politically Short


“Ever since the jihadists terrorist attacks on September 11th, 2001”, writes Jefferey Bale of the Investigative Project, “western policy-makers, mainstream media organizations and even academicians have been perversely reluctant to highlight the crucial role played by the Islamist ideology in motivating jihadist terrorist attacks”.

The reluctancy to label the motivation behind such terrorist attacks is directly attributed to the banishing of the use of terms like jihadist and islamic terrorism from public discourse out of fear of being labeled an Islamophobe.

With these terms removed and public discourse reshaped we have allowed government officials, media outlets and advocacy organizations to “conceal the ideological motivations of our Islamist adversaries in an era characterized by explicitly ideological contestation and ideologically-motivated asymmetric warfare“, concludes Bale.

Examining Islam as an ideology and as a system of governance that requires compliance and submission is critical to thwarting the threat it poses to…

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