The Rape of the American Engineer Continues in Massive Numbers – H-1B Visas Sold OUT!

Patriot Mouse

It goes on day after day year after year. The silent genocide of American engineers in the FFSA. No outcry. No reporting on television is permitted. Just a silent death every year as Americans who aren’t too old flee from the profession and become lawyers and god knows what.

In 2012 the FFSA granted 577,298 new LCA or labor certifications for H-1B visas. The companies grab them up in bulk they don’t need to have names of real people.

It’s like robosigning scandals in the mortgage industry. Its endless fraud from end to end. Even the vote to ramp the H-1B up to 200k a year was taken the night of the presidential debates after congress assured members to go home that there would be no more business for the day.

And week after week XukerFuk and Gates demand more visas, more visas, MORE! Their goal, replace brilliant creative American…

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