On The Vote For Scottish Independence…

The Camp Of The Saints

…or is it, ultimately, dependence?

Stands Scotland where it did?

—’Macduff’, Macbeth, Act IV, Scene iii

Smitty offers some spot-on analysis:

Scotland herself actually balks at independence, pen comes to ballot. Their motives, as far as I can tell, are not driven by actual capitalist desire for liberty; rather, a truly Progressive desire to tax their way to prosperity. In other words, I doubt there is enough sack under the kilts to make a go of it.

In the history of the crash of global Progressivism, though, the referendum vote will be a notable milestone.

K-Bob, in the Comments section of Smitty’s post, remarks:

The thing that stuck out the most is how many raving leftists and Left/Nationalists (goonion types) are for independence, and how regular folks are, like me ambivalent, at best. I was amazed at how many Brits seem to say things like, “Fine, if that’s…

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