The Callousness of the American Left

The Praetorian Writers' Group

In 2007, George W. Bush made a now-famous prediction that if United States military forces departed from Iraq overly precipitously — as the American left and their political wing the Democrat Party — were prescribing, it would lead to the disaster that we see today in that region.

The recorded prediction is famous, because Bush seems to summarize, item by item by item, and in eerie detail, the entire ISIS/ISIL mess in Iraq.

Furthermore, the recording suggests, as everyone pretty much agrees now, that if America had left sufficient support in place to see the Iraqi democracy through to greater maturity, there would have been no ISIS/ISIL threat to deal with. It never would have got off the ground to gain any foothold anywhere in Iraq.

Was George W. Bush some kind of super genius? Some gifted, clairvoyant savant, able to see clearly the consequences of this action or…

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