Barack, Malik, Hillary, Kerry (et al.) & RICO Charges:Where’s The Nexus?What Are The Potential Ramifications? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki

TO fully appreciate the charges of a RICO lawsuit brought by Larry Klayman – Director/Founder of Freedom Watch – against Obama, half bro’ Malik, Hill, Kerry et al., two questions have to be asked and answered: what does RICO entail? and what kind of (legal) juice does Klayman possess?

YET, before we proceed any further, readers must internalize precisely why this investigative journalist continuously refers to the MB as the Muslim Brotherhood “Mafia. It is not for nothing. It is, bar none, the most accurate descriptor. Having investigated this terror hydra for over a decade – in tandem with top counter-terror contacts – the diagnosis can be taken to the bank.

INHERENTLY, the Brotherhood operates as a “mirror image” to Mafia cartels, most infamously “La Familia”. Most westerners are familiar with the Italian mob, however, they do not have a monopoly on criminally structured “families”. Mexico is…

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