The Latest Trend In Child Abuse

The Camp Of The Saints

Stacy McCain has posted a well-earned drubbing of the latest hip parenting trend: Gender Neutrality.

A highlight:

Trendy progressive parent nowadays are into gender neutrality. They don’t want to impose oppressive gender norms on their kids because having normal kids is wrong, or something. What trendy progressive parents want is for their kids to be hopelessly confused weirdos, so that the parents then have a “cause” to crusade for. Nothing else can explain this Huffington Post column by Erika Kleinman.

Stacy then proceeds to quote from Kleinman’s [‘man’???] post and Fisk the Hell out of her demented Leftist Thinking.

I would highly recommend you read it because it provides a valuable insight into the mindset of the way Leftism destroys Souls [I’m talking about the parents, specifically, here].

As Stacy comments:

…It seems to have become a trend among progressive parents to promote gender confusion in their children, a practice…

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