Depressing! __ America Hooked On Drugs

Asylum Watch

Saturday’s guest post by my friend Brian dealt with the subject of alcoholism. I hope you didn’t miss it because it’s an excellent essay on an issue that has touched many of our lives. Alcoholism is a serious problem in America. But, I wonder how many of us are aware that America has what may be a much worse problem than alcoholism or even addiction to illicit drugs. If the statistics in this Zero Hedge guest post by Michael Snyder of End of The American Dream blog true, some 30 million Americans are consuming and may be addicted to prescription drugs for depression and pain. Of course, it will be no surprise to you to learn that getting people hooked on drugs is extremely profitable for the pharmaceutical companies. The article includes a list of 22 “facts” with links to his sources. I think you’ll find this article worth…

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