Facing political correctness at extreme failure…

The Contemplative Thinker

divider in chiefAs for me and my crew, we believe that the biggest and single most important problem that faces America right now is what we refer to as the primary results of political correctness. To be as open as possible we have been seeing the many obstacles that have been confronting us as a Nation. Now the obstacles that we have witnessed — it would be easy to flog  out the problems — and assign blame to any number of recipients.

Certainly many of us and statistically, most of the country are disinterested with the current administration and as such are already tending to the lists of “High crimes and Misdemeanors” to appeal and/or allege when a new congress is voted in. However, in the interim the constant waling whilst at the same time drawing attention to what is being wailed about is not helping anyone get over anything.


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