Obama-Loving Liberals are Too-Far Gone to Have Rational Discussions

What Did You Say?



August 28, 2014 By

obama-border-is-open-378x257All across America, there remains a divide amongst Americans. Democrats continue to push for amnesty for illegal immigrants, moderate Republicans seek permission to cave to Democrat demands and Tea Partiers and other assorted conservatives who value the rule of law demand a plan to halt illegal immigration- a plan that does not reward those who came here in violation of our laws. 
On Thursday, TPNN’s Tim Constantine spoke Dutch Martin of the black conservative group, Project 21, and discussed the debate raging over illegal immigration in America.
Martin is married to an immigrant who immigrated to the United States legally and blasted the Obama Administration and those calling for Immigration-Piperblanket amnesty, saying, “[They’re] spitting on my wife’s naturalization certificate and every other foreign-born naturalized citizen who played by the rules and became legal residents and naturalized American citizens. It’s basically a slap…

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