The Islamic State is Winning

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Dan Miller of the DanMillierInPanama blog brings us this timely Guest Saturday post. He first published this essay August 18, 2014.


The Islamic State is Winning

The threats posed by the Islamic State are palpable and growing.
While the Obama Nation and much of the West think short term and lead from behind, our enemies think long term and lead from the front.


The Long War Journal is run by Paul Hanusz and Bill Roggio. Thomas Joscelyn is the senior editor. The following video was posted at You Tube on August 18th and is of a recent lecture by Mr. Joscelyn presented at the Endowment for Middle East Truth.

Mr. Joscelyn compares the rise of initially unexceptional ideologues such as Hitler, Mao and Stalin to the rise of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and his Islamic State (IS). Will Baghadadi enjoy successes similar to those of Hitler, Mao and Stalin, will they…

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