Ebola Crisis Intensifies as West Africa Struggles to Cope


A lack of resources and chaotic conditions in West Africa are severely hampering efforts to contain the deadly Ebola outbreak.

More than 2,100 people have been infected — and 1,145 people died — in the five-month epidemic that has mainly hit Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea. In order to limit the contagion, badly affected regions of Sierra Leone and Liberia have been quarantined, leaving over a million people facing a lack of food and other necessities.

“If sufficient medication, food and water are not in place, the [quarantined communities] will force their way out to fetch food and this could lead to further spread of the virus,” Tarnue Karbbar, a worker for Plan International in Liberia’s hard-hit Lofa County, told Reuters.

Another concern is that communities in the quarantined zone will be shunned and left to fend for themselves, like medieval towns ravaged by bubonic plague.

“Who is going to…

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