Obama’s Islamic Foot Soldiers: Prepped For Battle Inside Malls of America!

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Posted by Adina Kutnicki on Aug 10, 2014

FEW Americans understand that there are countless ticking bombs lying under their feet – literally. Inherently, one would be hard pressed to find individuals who do not frequent shopping malls, at least on an occasional basis. How shocking would it be to find out that the Islamist-in-Chief knows that over a hundred are rigged to blow, at the time and place of Islamic jihad’s choosing?

Commentary by Adina Kutnicki

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HARPING on the Anti-American-in-Chief’s hyper disdain for U.S. fighting forces has been a labor of (patriotic) love, albeit a depressing task. Nevertheless, said efforts help to illuminate his utter contempt for their heroism, thereby, shining a spotlight on his visceral hatred. It is not for nothing – both the reporting and why the Betrayer-in-Chief behaves as such.

REGARDLESS, once a patriot…and these feelings defy time and place, even though…

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