Medics Battling Ebola Are Pleading for the World’s Help


Frontline medics are begging the international community to help fight an Ebola outbreak in West Africa now termed a “global emergency” by the WHO.

“Countries possessing necessary capacities must immediately dispatch available infectious disease experts and disaster relief assets to the region,” said Dr Bart Janssens, Doctors Without Border’s (MSF) director of operations, in a statement.

Three teams of Chinese disease control experts were expected to arrive in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone on Monday, along with medical supplies for personal protection, disinfection and treatment. But much more assistance is needed.

“For weeks, MSF has been repeating that a massive medical, epidemiological and public health response is desperately needed to saves lives and reverse the course of the epidemic,” said Janssens.

The parts of West Africa worst hit by the Ebola virus face an increasingly desperate situation, as governments and health workers scramble to contain the deadly disease.


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