VIDEO: Pro-Israel Marine Corps Vet Harassed by Mob at DC Pro-Palestine Protest

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3 Aug 2014

Obama defending muslims TwoOn Saturday, Breitbart Newsreportedon U.S. Marine Corps veteran Manny Vega’s lone counter protest against a pro-Palestine rally in Washington, D.C., and how a protestor tried to light his Israeli flag on fire while he was holding it. However, the dustup between Mr. Vega and the protestors did not end there.

After Breitbart News left, Mr. Vega found himself surrounded by angry pro-Palestine protestors, and was kicked, spat on and punched by the demonstrators. The police finally showed up to stop the situation around a minute and a half into the video.

“I got attacked by a mob,” Mr. Vega reported to police. “They spit on me, they kicked me, they Confusedpunched me.”

Although a few protestors can be seen apologizing to Mr. Vega for the violence in the video, others can be heard continuing to chant and scream…

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