President Obama Lying About Amnesty for Illegal Alien Children

What Did You Say?


If his mouth is open he must be lyingPresident Obama can say he isn’t going to grant amnesty to the hundreds of thousands of illegal alien obama-border-is-open-378x257children flooding over the border with their families, but he’s lying.  Surprise, surprise.

They are currently being disbursed all over the country and will be put into the foster care system – or a parallel system – in order to lose them in the heartland.

The immigration courts currently have about a three year backlog, and these illegal alien children are simply being given a summons to appear in 30 days.  Guess what?  They don’t show up and nobody is going to track them down.

In a couple of years, they will be “established” in the US and will petition for one form of amnesty or another.  And they’ll likely get it.

Have you noticed, in the last week, the major media is running with anything they can…

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