Obama’s Support Of Islamic Socialism Seen In Israel

Leo McNeil

According to President Obama, Muslims built the “very fabric of our nation.” This is interesting because the very fabric of our nation was built during the colonial period. During this time there wasn’t a single Muslim in America. In fact, there’s no record of a mosque in the United States until 1915 when a group of Albanians built one in Maine. Obama’s rewriting of history is on one hand ridiculous and on the other hand completely understandable. This President favors Islamic socialism in the middle east and he favors socialism at home. He’s in bed with Islam because it suits him politically. If that means exaggerating Muslim contributions, the ends justify the means.

If we look throughout the middle east, Obama has consistently supported radical Islam. He’s done so because all of these groups have a commitment to socialism. He supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Libya. He’s supported…

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