Obama’s Betrayal of Israel Will Not Be Forgotten

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Israel is not alone in Obama’s betrayal’s. The American people have also been betrayed and unfortunately too many still don’t or don’t want to face that fact. WTF!

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Obama’s Betrayal of Israel Will Not Be Forgotten

Obama’s Betrayal of Israel Will Not Be Forgotten
by Joel B. Pollak 28 Jul 2014

(Many of us here in the USA want to see Obama fail. His political party is taking a beating and they know it. Panic is spreading amongst their candidates in the upcoming elections and virtually all are distancing themselves from Obama. However, support for Israel in this country is still strong no matter what Obama says or does. Congress is behind you. Obama’s term is near the end. I would say for you to be patient, but I know your patience has already run out, and rightfully so. Unfortunately, the timing of all this is horrible, but…

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