29 July 2014. News from the Ukraine So Garbled That No Righteous Report is Possible

Voices from Russia

00 Oleg Savostyuk. Boris Uspensky. Shame on Provacateurs. 1960

Shame on Provocateurs!

Oleg Savostyuk

Boris Uspensky



The Anglo Americans haven’t changed their spots… beware ANY press release out of Washington. I’d trust the Queen of Hearts before I’d trust anything from the District…


This is a new one on me, but I need to tell you the truth. At present, now, the news is so confused that no sane person could discern what’s happening. First, Yatsenyuk resigned… then, he didn’t resign… then, he did… which one is which? Second, there’s a truce near the MH17 site… then, there isn’t… then, no one knows. Third, the USA issues bombastic lies about how it knows how Russia is shelling the Ukraine, but offers no evidence. It’s much like the Gulf of Tonkin incident… which supposedly was a big deal, but really involved a US destroyer on an illegal intel mission getting hit with… ONE 14.5mm MACHINE GUN BULLET…

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