International Observers Find Nothing Amiss on Russian Side of Border… US Claims Outright Lies and Black Propaganda

Voices from Russia

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On Sunday, Minoborony spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov said, “[International] inspectors found no violations or undeclared military activity on the part of Russia in the border area near the Ukraine”. Over the last four months, 18 international inspection teams visited Russian border areas near the Ukraine under the Vienna Document 2011 and the Treaty on Open Skies. The teams included members from the USA, NATO, and even the Ukraine. These groups carried out aerial surveys of the indicated areas and visited military units.


Impartial OSCE observers confirmed that there are NO Russian units on the border… the USA claims that it has photos of Russian artillery firing on the Ukraine. I seem to remember the same people screaming about WMDs in Iraq… don’t you? The same cast of suspects also screamed about the “Gulf of Tonkin incident“… another put-up job (the USS Maddox fired first, by…

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