It’s Time To End Welfare Dependency For Young Fathers – Step Up To The Plate!

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Welfare dependency is all around us, in both middle-class and poor neighborhoods everywhere – especially by young, married, single, black and white fathers who are content to support their families on social welfare and other entitlement programs.

Forget about getting a job, why should they have to go out and work hard when they can feed their children and spouses and supply them with housing on the taxpayer’s dime?

Lots of advocates of social progressivism will not like those comments. Obviously, the truth hurts, and it is hard to admit that programs that help people survive are the very same ones that are allowing fathers to become complacent and lazy.

You can see it everywhere. Young families who have been on welfare, food stamps and other handouts for years. They run the social welfare programs to the limit, then have another baby to get back on them.

Welfare dependency is what…

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