The Brutal Murder of a Christian Girl

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These are the creatures embraced by western leaders and especially by Barack Hussein Obama. Don’t fall for their lies about it being just a few radicals. A lion is a lion period. A Muslim is a Muslim period. The west invites Muslim immigrants, Muslim “refugees”. Refugees from what. Islamic tradition and barbarity. They don’t want to escape the barbarism of Islam they want to bring it with them. Lebanon was a Christian country. They welcomed Muslims and when the Muslim population reached the critical point Christians were exterminated and a Christian Lebanon ceased to exist. Many Christian leaders embrace the foolhardy notion that Christianity can co-exist with Islam it can’t. That is a fact proven by 1400 plus years of history. Time, no past time for the civilized world to wake up and face reality. Look at Britain, France and other European countries today. If they don’t wake up they…

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