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Is there is anywhere on the this planet with peace tonight?    It’s not right to always use a search engine for an answer when you try to think for yourself and motivate others to do the same (no sarcasm intended).   If you must to find the answer to this question…….then the answer is probably no.   If there is such a piece of geography it is cold and isolated………totally isolated.

When I speak of peace, I don’t mean just from war; I mean without violent or angry protest, violent crime……discontent.  Where humans reside and interact, we have ………….all of that.   It seems to be getting an angrier tone and it is spreading.

I’m nearly 62-years-old, I don’t ever recall in my life as much hate and anger throughout the world, this includes America, especially America.   We may be the most hated people on God’s creation, and…

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