Los Angeles has increased its outpatient involuntary treatment program in spite of UN declaring force torture

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

Los Angeles CountyEven as we have access to more and more information that links that which gets labeled mental illness to trauma — treatment that exacerbates the trauma response continues to gain legal traction all over the country. This, of course, leads to the epidemic of harm and iatrogenic illness we’re watching happen. See: Anatomy of an Epidemic

Embracing this critique doesn’t mean there is no biological factor to such phenomena…we are holistic beings, so of course there is biology involved too. What it means is the answer does not lie in the biological reductionism that psychiatry espouses and makes up stories about.  Everything matters. Until we start attending to the individual as part of the whole of life, intertwined with everyone and everything, we’ll continue to harm.

So, yes, until we as a society begin to understand the harm we continue to perpetrate in our mental illness system  by…

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