Employees of Ukraine’s Richest anti-Seperatist Billionaire Record Explosion Prior to Impact… no smoke trail in the air

American Everyman

by Scott Creighton

Sky News has an amateur video from local coal miners purportedly showing the moment of impact when Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 crashed near a roadside in eastern Ukraine. What you see is a ball of fire rising up on the horizon. What you don’t see is the entire video which clearly shows no smoke trail leading from the sky to the crash. What you don’t see… is a plane or parts of a plane.

This is a still shot taken of the first second of the video on the Sky News website. It shows nothing in the air above the crash site. No steamers, no plane, no parts of a plane, no smoke from the reported explosions that “witnesses” claimed they heard and saw in the sky. Nothing. It shows nothing above the crash site.

crash 1

Then suddenly, boom… orange ball of fire rises from ‘crash site”

crash 2Notice…

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