Israel: The new power in Southeast Asia

China Daily Mail

Taiwan Israel FlagsTaiwanIsrael Flags


Few disguised blessings are less disguised than Israel. One article uses a map to explain the strength that one small country has against Statist Islam. Israel is all that stands between the West and the Middle East, the East and the Middle East, the North and the Middle East, and the South and the Middle East—and Israel is right in the middle.

Looking at modern geography, it’s no wonder God chose Israel and no question what God chose Israel for. I don’t think even the thick-skulled Americans could stand against such opposition with such a small plot of land. Israel was chosen to protect the world, and for good reason.

There is a similar country in the Pacific: Taiwan. It’s about double the size of Israel and has the second-most dense population in the world—including the mountains that occupy 3/4 of its land! China hates this small island…

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