Obama’s Foreign Policy In One Word __ Chaos

Asylum Watch

How  could President Obama’s foreign policy be described as anything other than utter confusion and disorder? The Middle East is best example of America’s foreign policy of chaos under the Obama administration. The world is shaking its collective head at the mess Obama’s policies have made of Libya and Egypt. But, the crown jewel of chaos has to be the mess in Syria and Iraq.

To be fair, it was the previous idiot President who decided to dethrone the long time Sunni Muslim president of Iraq and allow the majority of Iraqis to elect a Shia Muslim president, who would naturally ally his country with our worst enemy in the region, Iran, a Shia Muslim nation. But then, our current Idiot-In-Chief ended the war in Iraq without getting a Status of Force Agreement (SOFA). He didn’t get the SOFA because unlike all the other SOFAs we have in the region…

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