high school mayhem

by Jeff Davis

When people speak of the American “crisis in education” they are referring to the inner city all-Black and Latino schools, where life is admittedly hellish.

An article on CBS reports: “Investigators say 10 students were taken into custody after a massive brawl at Overbrook High School in West Philadelphia. The brawl, which was captured on cell phone video, allegedly began over a post on social media. The incident was reported at about 10:15 a.m. Monday in a third-floor hallway. As a result of the incident, two students suffered minor injuries. A school administrator also suffered a minor leg injury.”

As you can see when you go to the link, the accompanying video shows the students are Black.

“’It’s mayhem. Students are in the halls, they’re smoking in the bathroom; cigarettes, marijuana,’ said a [Black] worker at the school, who asked not to be identified. ‘We can’t contain…

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