The Illegal Alien Invasion: How Did They Get Here? And, Why Aren’t We Sending Them Back?

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illegal immigration AFBranco 71114Over the past few weeks, as the massive Illegal Alien Invasion has continued to overwhelm our nation’s resources on our Southern Border, I have been verbally sparring on internet political websites with Liberals over this situation. Of course, as their fallen messiah has, they are quick to use the term “refugees” in describing this Mexican Munchkin Migration, and loathe to use the term “illegals” to describe these lawbreakers who are entering our Sovereign Nation.

At one point during the discussion, I always bring up the question, “How are they arriving at our border?” I mean these “precious children” can’t be traveling thousands of miles through jungles and deserts, accompanied only by the Scooby Doo Backpack that they’re carrying on their shoulders.

It was reported, as far back as July 23rd, that,

The drug gangs are using scores of illegal underage immigrants as “bait” for overwhelmed Border Patrol agents to…

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