The #BorderInvasion – Sic Transit Gloria Mundi?

The Camp Of The Saints

Trans: And So Passes Away The Glory of The World?

From Breitbart, Daniel Nussbaum reporting, we learn:

46 illegal aliens were temporarily sheltered at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church on Thursday, where they waited to be driven to bus stations after being released at around 6:45 p.m.

Although the immigrants’ final travel destinations could not be confirmed, San Bernardino Diocese spokesman John Andrews told Breitbart News that the church provided “travel cash” to those headed on long journeys east toward New York or New Jersey.

Andrews also said the church was helping the illegal immigrants–32 children and 14 women–buy bus tickets, and helping them navigate the complex bus transportation system.

“The Catholic Church welcomed us,” an immigrant named Bianca told CBS Los Angeles. “We are here, we are okay.”

Bear with me, if you will…

“… In another development,” the voice continued, “Vatican sources have just released to the…

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