Who is Getting Rich Off of These Illegal Child Immigrants? and Who is Going to go Under Because of it?

The Harley Factor

As more and more illegal immigrants, many of them children, continue to freely cross our borders; it makes you wonder who is making money on this deal? That question is pretty easy to answer. The smugglers, many of them belonging to drug cartels.

“The numbers just don’t add up. There is money in the human trafficking pot and nobody admits to throwing it in.
The First Lady of Honduras, Ana Garcia de Hernandez, made a trip to the United States border last week and toured various sites where her citizens are being held and processed after border-crashing into the United States. As part of that trip she made an appearance with Texas Representative Henry Cuellar and spoke to the media.
Two of her reported comments were particularly interesting, and the report can be viewed in the short video below. One of the interesting, or more correctly, disturbing comments came when she…

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