Last Stand of Old America


The Daily Stormer has republished the article below from the original source, Modern Hetetic, while adding a video of the protests discussed there.

The gist of the article is that the traditional USA is dead, now totally in the hands of her enemies, Jew Marxists, so that no amount of protesting or voting Republican is going to change it. The ONLY answer is a white homeland, not controlled by Jews, who have covertly remade the former USA, now the USSA, the United Satanic States of America (or the United Soviet States of America) into a giant work camp of enslaved white drones working for minimum wage, slave wages.

As I have written in various posts throughout this website, I was a part of the conspiracy myself, working as a university professor. To my credit, I did not preach the cultural Marxist message, but rather a conservative economic message to…

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