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F.H. Buckley, evidently no relation to the Buckley of NR fame, is living in the future.

I already bought and downloaded the Kindle version of this book.  If I think I have to, if this review in Reason doesn’t tell what I think is the whole story, I’ll write a review of my own later.

But it seems like Buckley and I are on the same page.

The Era of the Pen and the Phone has made clear the biggest flaw in the 1787 Constitution and the separation of executive and legislative power:  That all the executive power, all the Federal guns, (with a few exceptions), are under the control of one individual.  Wasn’t that the point of seceding from the British Empire to begin with 238 years 2 days ago?

The review doesn’t mention anything about race, so I presume the actual book does not, either.  So I…

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