It gets old

Just Cruisin 2


We will not apologize for attending our church,
flying our flag, having our guns, or our family. If
said things offend you we probably don’t know you

We are also tired of seeing the protest that involve
burning our flag and signs proclaiming how much you
hate America and it’s citizens. If we bother you that
much, why don’t you look for another country?

And we will not waver in our patriotism nor listen
to the bull you are shipping. Less is not more and
up is not down. We do not and will not agree on

Not agreeing with everything does not make us racist,
sexist, filled with hate, or unpatriotic. It simply
means we have a different set of beliefs. And we will
not be told to change.

We will continue to stand and face the flag while
the National Anthem is played, we will keep…

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