Is America Trapped in a Battle Between the Darkness and the Light? You Betcha.

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American Christianity 2If you, like myself , are a Political Junkie, and spend any time at all on Internet Political Website comments sections and political chat boards, you might think that American Christians are an endangered species.
Far from it.
According to a Gallup Poll taken in 2013, 76% of Americans still identify themselves as Christians.
In other words, over 3/4ths of our country still believe that Jesus Christ is their Personal Savior.
So, if Americans believe in the Son of God, do that mean that they believe in the Fallen Angel, formerly known as Lucifer?
You betcha.
 September of 2013, conducted a poll which showed that almost six in ten Americans believe that Satan is real, and more than half of Americans believe that people can be possessed by demons.
Demonic Possession? Really? In America?
Yes, really. And, according to a Former New York City Cop turned demonologist, demonic possession…

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