French Teacher Stabbed to Death by Diversity

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Fabienne Calmes, a 34-year-old mother of two little girls, died after being stabbed in the abdomen on the morning of July 4th (our “Independence Day”), which was the last day of term at the Edouard Herriot school in the town of Albi in south west France.  She was stabbed right in front of her 5- and 6- year old students.  That’s according to the Daily Mail.

And who murdered lovely Fabienne?

A 47-year-old Moroccan mother, who actually holds Spanish citizenship, although her identity is not being released, although she does have a police record. The murderous multiculti mom mother was “spoken to” by police about neglecting a child under 15, and attempting to delay a search for a missing child.

She definitely sounds like she in contributing to French culture in amazing ways, and is an asset to the community. I bet she is doing a lot of jobs French people…

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