Canada Refuses Asylum to South Africa…Guess Why?

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A South African, Brandon Huntley, who sought refuge in Canada by saying he feared persecution from blacks, has lost his latest bid to remain in that country.  “He had claimed he could not return to South Africa as whites were “targeted, attacked and killed because of their skin colour”. He also said he did not trust the South African judiciary and that legislation only ‘theoretically’ provided recourse for addressing persecution, hence his application for refugee status,” according to IOL News.

Huntley will likely face retribution in South Africa.

In his original application, made in April 2008, Huntley had claimed that:

“In 2000, he received delayed medical treatment (stitches and x-rays) in favour of black patients at a hospital where all the staff were black;

“He applied to the Home Office for a passport and had to return three days in a row to submit his passport application because black…

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