[VIDEO] Congressman Jim Bridenstine: Reports from Migrant-Children Facility He Was Denied Access to Are ‘Devastating’

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“All I wanted to do was to talk to who was in charge of the facility.”

— Representative Jim Bridenstine

For National Review Online, Caroline Rizzo reports: Representative Jim Bridenstine (R., Okla.), who was was denied access to an immigrant-detainee facility run by the Health and Human Services Department in his state on Monday, says he felt he had to visit it amidst reports of rape and abuse from children being held in the military barracks.


” I’m going to send an e-mail, and it’s going to be a press release indicating that you guys are denying me access to a federal facility in my state, and I’m on the Armed Services Committee.”

“Did you say, ‘I’m a member of Congress. Oklahoma’s my state’? Did you tell them that?” Fox NewsGreta Van Susteren asked Bridenstine, and he said he had indeed made that point clear.

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