Pre-Menopausal Lesbian Worries About Her Access to Abortion Pill!

freedomisfabulous - from freefabulousgirl

So I was on my little social media page tonight and I noticed a particularly angry lesbian, who just turned 51, who is “married” to her wife, and lives in a tony area of Connecticut, complain about the Hobby Lobby decision.

She posted a photo of the SCOTUS men, and wrote “keep your slimy hands off me bastards.”

1. I doubt any of the SCOTUS members, including Ruth Ginsburg, would want to put any body part on this particular lesbian.

2. This particular lesbian, being 51 and in the throws or perimenopause has no chance of getting pregnant on the very off chance she…

3. …had sex with a man, which she wouldn’t. More importantly, no normal, healthy, non violent offender man would have sex with her.

Why does she need an abortion or “morning after” pills. Why does she need an IUD?

It’s my…

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