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 From WND:

Radical Muslims: We must kill them without mercy
Gen. Patrick Brady says, ‘Troops on the ground win wars and keep the peace’

By Maj. Gen. Patrick Brady

I recently saw a photo of an Arab child playing in some dismal street with the burning twin towers emblazoned on his T-shirt. In that photo were both the cause and the solution to the deadly threat of radical Islam.

Maj-Gen-Patrick-Henry-BradyRadical Islam will continue to kill as long as the Islamic children are taught that the U.S. (and other infidels) is the great Satan. This teaching must be stopped wherever it is found. It should not be difficult to do in America, if it exists. And if any country that receives American largess teaches it, that largess should be eliminated, be it tourism or aid.

It will take some generations for this strategy to bear fruit, a reality loathe to many…

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