On The IRS, Lawlessness, And Absolved Allegiances

The Camp Of The Saints

…He has…sent hither swarms of Officers to harrass our people, and eat out their substance….

Mark Steyn on the IRS [emphasis mine]:

…[IRS Commissioner John] Koskinen is a Democrat sugar daddy who has given generously to his party since the Seventies: He’s not the kind of sober civil servant you’d appoint if you were looking to signal to America that King Barack’s revenue collectors are cleaning house and returning, chastened, to their previous role as a boringly non-partisan nest of punitive auditors. If you suspected that the Administration’s plan was to stonewall until things die down and it was safe to resume ruining the lives of its opponents, Koskinen’s performance in recent days would have more or less confirmed it.

On his previous appearance before Congress, the IRS Commissioner gave false testimony. As he has now conceded, he has known since February that Lois Lerner’s and other officials’ emails were…

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