Lies. Lies for Sale. Obama Lies for Sale.


I already knew the Obama administration was corrupt.  Now I’m tired of them calling me stupid as they lie to me.  I am not Obama’s intended audience anyway, so my disbelief doesn’t count.  The administration has to sell their lies to the die hard Democrats and the eager Media.  Even that is becoming a harder sell.

Their lies are unbelievable: literally incredible.  Where other government agencies where shy about breaking the law, the corrupt Obama administration arrogantly breaks the law with a sneer.  They say they have a Senate majority and can not be touched by any law.  The administration is, and acts, above the law.  So does the rest of government.

The latest lie is the “dog ate my e-mails” scandal at the IRS.  They have lost, or will loose, any of the other documents requested by the House committee, the same committee investigating the IRS attack on…

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