America In 2014 A.D. – A Swamp Of Tyranny

The Camp Of The Saints

While I spend a good deal of my time in these Dispatches railing against the Tyranny of the national government, I try never to forget that such Despotism exists at the lower levels of government, especially at the state level.

Since the national government began it’s grab for Power And Control over the state governments under the Progressives during the Administrations of Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, which accelerated to ramming speed under FDR, the Several States have been slowly reduced to being almost nothing more than administrative units of the Government Of The United States.

What little independence [relative to the enormous power they possessed when The Constitution was passed] they retain is now, in many instances, used in the service of furthering the Silent Revolution being waged by the Left In America. Even in those of the Several States where the conservative [ie: Founding] spirit remains, too many…

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