‘We Will Not Conform’: Glenn Beck Announces ‘Call to Action’ to Take on Common Core This Summer #stopcommoncore

Stop Common Core Illinois

The Blaze –

Glenn Beck on Thursday announced a “call to action” that will take place on July 22, which he said will arm Americans with the knowledge to speak out against Common Core education standards.

Beck said the event, “We Will Not Conform,” will air live in movie theaters all across the country, but said it won’t be a “show.”

He said the event will bring together the “brightest” minds on Common Core, and attendees will have the ability to interact with speakers like Michelle Malkin and David Barton through social media to create a plan to wake up their friends and neighbors and stop the program.

“You are going to have to come with a basic understanding of Common Core,” Beck said on his radio program. “But what we are going to do is give you not just the, ‘what is Common Core, how does that all…

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