Inequality Is Caused By Funny (Fiat) Money

Asylum Watch

Move over Karl Marx and make room for  French socialist economist, Thomas Piketty, whose best selling book, Capital, makes your Das Kapital so passe’.

Mr. Piketty has become an instant celebrity with the elite Leftards in Europe and the US and with the IMF. Why? Because his book supposedly proves that capitalism has caused all of the income and wealth inequality in the  world. His solution, not surprisingly, is higher income taxes for the rich along with  “wealth taxes”. You can see why the Leftards are falling all over this guy. They now believe they have the hammer to drive the nails into the coffin  of capitalism and force equality and unicorns on the world.

You won’t be surprised to learn that Zero Hedge questions mister Piketty’s analysis of the cause of inequality. The author of the Zero Hedge article nicely hoist Mr. Piketty on his own petard; a graph…

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