Out of the Shadows: Organization of Female Teachers Dedicated to Woman-Boy Love Pledge Legal Support to Meredith Powell

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meredith-power-perpNABWA, the North American Boy-Woman Association , a controversial organization of female school teachers, is a support group, a social club, and a legal defense organization. It was founded in 1995 by Margaret McGuff, a retired teacher with a PHD in psychology and human sexuality. Margaret began the club in her apartment in Phoenix, Arizona, when she was a high school administrator, to support women teachers who were struggling with society’s disapproval of their love of boy students.

The group has never revealed the identity of its members, has never advocated any criminal activity, and has carefully guarded its activities. NABWA has remained in the shadows. Until now.

Speaking out for the first time, Part-time teacher and full-time legal advocate Mercy McPhearson reached out to accused teacher Meredith Powell, in March of 2014, not long after her arrest.

“We feel that Meredith shouldn’t have waived her Miranda rights without first having…

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