Common Core: Obama-Ed 101 #CommonCore

The Conservative Patriot

commoncoreimplementation_v2What is the best way to create a liberal, socialist, a follower? Teach them when their young minds are forming. This in a nutshell is Common Core. While most people think it was created by The National Governor’s Association & The Council of Chief State School Officers, it was not. It was just implemented by them. So where did Common Core originally form? Does Barack Obama and Bill Ayers ring a bell? [Read how here].

The left can try to legislate gun control, limitations on free speech, and any number of it’s agenda, but to form our youth”s young minds with their ideology and grow a generation of followers is even more threatening to the American way (definition of American Way: What are founding fathers intended).

The left will accuse the right of being paranoid of Common Core. They will roll their eyes when Common Core is called…

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